Web-Based Ch XML Demos

Ch can seamlessly interface existing C code in either source code or binary static/dynamical libraries without re-compilation. With Ch Libxml2 Package for Gnome XML C parser and toolkit, C programs using Gnome libxml2 API can readily run without compilation.

The examples are stored per section depending on the main focus of the example:

  • xmlWriter :
  • InputOutput :
    • io1.c: Example of custom Input/Output
    • io2.c: Output to char buffer
  • Tree :
    • tree1.c: Navigates a tree to print element names
    • tree2.c: Creates a tree
  • XPath :
    • xpath1.c: Evaluate XPath expression and prints result node set.
    • xpath2.c: Load a document, locate subelements with XPath, modify said elements and save the resulting document.
  • xmlReader :
    • reader1.c: Parse an XML file with an xmlReader
    • reader2.c: Parse and validate an XML file with an xmlReader
    • reader3.c: Show how to extract subdocuments with xmlReader
  • Parsing :
    • parse1.c: Parse an XML file to a tree and free it
    • parse2.c: Parse and validate an XML file to a tree and free the result
    • parse3.c: Parse an XML document in memory to a tree and free it
    • parse4.c: Parse an XML document chunk by chunk to a tree and free it
  • testSAX :
  • gjobread :
    • run gjobread.c through internet:
    • gjobread.c: This is a real size example, where the actual content of the application data is not kept in the DOM tree but uses internal structures. It is based on a proposal to keep a database of jobs related to Gnome, with an XML based storage structure.

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